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6 Reasons why you should use our products!

9 ways we will make your client happy!

We usually tell you that our team has been work for at least  10 years and we are familiar with all production steps! But, I guess it cannot really explain why you choose us. Maybe the following reason I tell you is the best answer!

Large workshop!

13,800 square of the workshop for manufacturing and warehousing! Which means! we can guarantee that your products are safe with a stable quality during production!

Quotation & Environment!

We use our advanced software to help our production planners minimize the amount of waste and offcuts from every job!

Our production planners and designers minimize the amount of waste and offcuts from every job! Just a little extra effort and planning can make significant cost savings for you but this is great for the environment too! All our wasteboard is returned to the papermakers for recycling into more corrugated cardboard!

All the board we buy has a varying degree of recycled paper in it! With low to medium strength packaging requirements, we choose boards that contain higher percentages of recycled fibers! Where we have high strength requirements and for weight-bearing purposes, the blend will have a slightly larger percentage of virgin pulp (Kraft) on the board because virgin fibers are stronger!



Eco water-based glue with pH 6-8, non-toxic or pollution, absolutely will be top-choice of our factory! Strong glutinosity for all your needs and keep sticky for a long time!

The safest way to pay!

PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION, Alibaba Pay, UnionPay are acceptable! Let your payment safest and effective! Protect your property from the phishing site and the computer virus!

Imported machinery, environmental ink!

KBA printing machine is our premium technology for POP, packing products and other offset products in high-quality ink! Take ISO12647-2 into our printing standard and CIP3 data standard! Control color aberration under 10%! Keep the branding message intact!

Experienced Manufacturers!

Our production staff is highly skilled and with our production equipment, it is possible to offer excellent value for short and long production runs of the highest quality!

More testimonies!

Cooperating with Coca-cola, Disney, Nestle, Wahaha, Pepsi, Philips, etc! Let us completely understand what you want and how to do it! You can believe us like what they do!

Never jerry-built!

180g A-level kraft plus 170g corrugated paper to support heavyweight, long lifetime and stable shape!

Our corrugated products are typically made up of at least 75% recycled paper but mean customers can fully recycle all packing material easily!

Super quality press cutter!

The fastest processing speed can up to 1000 mm/s, and the cutting precision less than 0.1mm, repeatability less than 0.1 mm as well! Formulated cutting will promise flat kerf! High efficiency leads to a quick delivery! Test for your sample in time! Give you rational suggestions or modifications as the reference as soon as possible!

How we work!

Our Commitment To You!

  •    Feedback within 24 hours to fix your trouble!

  • Free design service including everything from concept visuals through to delivery and installation!

  •   FREE! No obligation quote!

  • Safe and fast shipping without damage!

  • provide products and good services to you!

  • Protect your privacy! such as name, phone number, address, E-mail, and our cooperative program! We will never sell it to any third party to privatize it!

  • Don’t worry about child labor, all of our workers are over 30 years old! Check our team side you will found their birthday!

  • In the production, packaging, storage, transportation, construction process, pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development!

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